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Bringing out the good news!
Oliverentals.com is constantly improving its brand awareness by performing targeted marketing actions in global scale.
We, the members of oliverentals.com, are proud to be present in the Inflight magazine of the 3rd largest European and 11th worldwide (based on 2014 full year data) airline, that is Easyjet.
Easyjet serves over 6.000.000 passengers on a more than 90% load factor on a monthly basis. On a rolling 12-month basis, as per April 2015 traffic data announced by Easyjet, the overall number of flown passengers exceeds 66.000.000.
Being able to deliver our message to the passengers of a world renowned airline is crucial, as it enhances our corporate profile while it proves our steady pace towards an extrovert approach through top-class partnerships.
Our marketing team focused on delivering to our prospective customers a clear and precise message: Oliverentals.com offers a selection of the finest villas in four geographic regions (Cyclades, Ionian Sea, Mainland and Athens) in the all-inclusive oliverentals.com concept (luxury, privacy, experience and services).
To further support our message, unlike a typical villa promotion advertisement, we took out all images and ‘flooded’ the specific marketing action with a rich, olive- alike, deep green color.
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