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Indulge yourself to an uncompromised holiday experience. Match your wishes with our villas in Greece and become an Oliver today!


We seek out unique properties of exclusive design and concept, aimed at customers of a respective vacation mindset.
Properties can be made available for as long as the owner wishes, and can be advertised either online or privately. All properties are offered with the utmost discretion and are subject to being legally rented as per current Greek legal framework.
If you own a spectacular property, you feel that it is underutilized and would like to benefit from additional income to help cover your property’s upkeep and expenses, you might want to consider promoting it through oliverentals.com
A luxury estate is a high value personal asset. Making it available to others is an opportunity to add more value to it.
Customers commit to significant liabilities when signing off the rental agreement, while our local experts discreetly look after the property, over-viewing the prospect of mishaps or damage.
Olive Rentals’ customers are individuals who really value taking time off from their pressured lives to spend quiet days with family and friends. Usually owners of valuable properties themselves, they appreciate and respect the privilege of staying in such beautiful estates.

Since much of what we do is bespoke, we apply the highest standards when choosing villas to include in our portfolio.
Send a description and some photographs to info@oliverentals.com and we will contact the soonest possible. We will do our best to meet any specific concerns or special requests which you may have for your house. Please be assured that all information provided regarding your property, will be treated in the strictest confidence.
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