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Villas in Kea

In close proximity to Attica, Kea is a small gem with exceptional landscape, adorned by a great number of fine Villas. The  picturesque ceramic-tile roofed houses of the town centre contrast the superior lines of the Villas, which have been designed to the highest standards, in the most enchanting way, inviting you to spend your holiday between luxury and Mediterranean tradition.
The marvelous coastline that surrounds Kea creates a number of superb beaches, while the island is best known for its best system of walking paths and trails in the Aegean, all easily accessed from the Villas. The extraordinary landscape consists of amazing images, including green hillsides, golden sand beaches, remote coves and ancient ruins. Unquestionably, Kea will become your next favorite destination and in one of the exquisite Villas you will find your ideal holiday home. The perfect Villa for you awaits above the sea.
Contact us to help you choose the perfect holiday Villa from our Private Collection of our Villas in Kea.
Maximum number of guests16
Swimming Pool
Tennis Court
Villa Dea
Kea (also known as Tzia) has the potential to become the paradise of a traveler: sailing enthusiasts, who can reach the island via a yacht or boat, hikers, who can enjoy one of the numerous numbered trails that lead through unexpected paths, or divers, who can explore the wreck of the Britannic, the Titanic’s sister ship.
Maximum number of guests10
Villa Thyamis
If you are pursuing a vacation of relaxation and serenity together with astounding views in the Mediterranean, then welcome to Villa Thyamis.
Maximum number of guests6
Swimming Pool
Villa Corycia
For anyone wishing to find some peace of mind together with spectacular views in the Mediterranean, Villa Corycia is the perfect destination.
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